Gummy Smile – Dental Laser Gum Treatment

Gummy Smile – Dental Laser Gum Treatment

Gummy Smile – Dental Laser Gum Treatment

Do you have a gummy smile? This is where too much gum tissue is shown whenever you smile or talk, and it may look as if your teeth are too short. Having a gummy smile can have a negative effect on the overall appearance of your teeth but the good news is that it can often be corrected quite easily.

What Causes a Gummy Smile?

There are several reasons for a gummy smile and these include:

  • Having teeth that have erupted abnormally and where the teeth appear to be too short, even though they may actually be the correct length and are merely covered up with too much gum tissue.
  • Where the upper jaw bone has developed incorrectly and it may bulge out too much. This can give the appearance of a gummy smile.
  • Where the muscles responsible for moving your upper lip are overactive. When you smile they will pull the upper lip too far upwards, giving the illusion of a gummy smile.

The appearance of your smile is also affected by several other factors. The overall shape and size of your lips will make a difference, as will your facial muscles. The appearance of your smile is also influenced by the shape and size of your teeth and of course by your gum tissue. An attractive smile is one where minimal gum tissue is revealed. The gums surrounding the teeth will ideally look balanced and even and the contours should work in harmony with the shape of your teeth.

How to Get Treatment for a Gummy Smile

If you think your smile looks too gummy then make an appointment with a periodontist in San Ramon. A good periodontist such as Dr. Janice Kaeley will soon be able to determine the reason for your gummy smile and can recommend the best way to treat it. During your examination Dr. Kaeley may wish to take digital dental x-rays to assess your jaw bone and tooth roots. Most times a gummy smile can be corrected with the use of a dental laser. Sometimes it might be necessary to reshape quite a few gums, while some people may need only minor adjustments to make their gum line more attractive and more balanced.

Why Use a Dental Laser to Treat a Gummy Smile?

A dental laser gum treatment can remove excess gum tissue in a way that is very precise and comfortable. Dr. Kaeley has invested in one of the best dental lasers available today and which is able to remove gum tissue, and to re-shape the underlying jaw bone if necessary. The dental laser produces a concentrated beam of energy to cut away excess tissue, combined with a gentle spray of water. It doesn’t produce any heat or vibration, making treatment much more comfortable.

A Far More Comfortable Way to be Treated

One of the great things about having dental laser treatment is that healing times are much faster, and there is far less discomfort during procedures. This is because the energy produced by the dental laser automatically seals up any small blood vessels that need to be cut during treatment. As a result, there is very little blood and far less swelling afterwards, and there is no need for sutures. Treatment is far more suitable for anyone who feels a little nervous about dental procedures, but who would really like to benefit from a less gummy and far more attractive smile.


Be good to your gums all year, and you just might keep your nice smile for a long, long time. We can help, but only if you make regular visits to our San Ramon, CA dentist office.

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