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What Causes Poor Gum Health?

What Causes Poor Gum Health?

To have the healthiest smile possible, it’s important to have healthy gums. That can be a challenge for a variety of reasons. Thankfully our Progressive Periodontics & Implant Dentistry dental practice in San Ramon near Plesanton offers the latest restorative dentistry treatments that help address periodontal disease and gum recession. When it comes to the

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Scaling And Root Planing - Why is it Imperative?

Scaling And Root Planing : Why is it Imperative?

You need regular teeth cleanings for preventing periodontal (gum) disease. However, the condition can be treated with non-surgical procedures, such as scaling and root planing. There is healthy gum tissue around each tooth, spanning 1 to 3mm from the top of the gum line to the base. However, if you are afflicted by plaque or

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